How to massage a dog in a proper manner?

How to massage a dog in a proper manner?

Do dogs like massage?

Who doesn’t adore a massage? It lowers the blood pressure and lessens anxiety for both provider and receiver. Though many people think that massage a dog is useless, but the fact is it works in the same way for dogs as for humans as it alleviates pain, trauma, calm nerves and makes stronger the bond with your dog.

  1. Start with gentle petting

Place your dog in the location he best likes as it will facilitate the dog to get calm down to enjoy the massage. Now use mild strokes and pet him on the back, head, tummy and other areas. To make the dog relaxed it is essential to allow the dog sit, stretch out or stand in a comfortable position. Have a peaceful behavior and communicate with the dog in a very soft manner.

  1. Massage the dog’s neck

Below the head massage in a rounded movement with the help of your fingertips. Use a little pressure because the high pressure might make your dog uncomfortable. The movement of the massage depends on the size of the dog. If your dog is of large size, then use larger movements and in a case of small size dog, you need to massage with little motion. It is not a deep tissue massage so never try to press the dog’s body too deep that he flinches. You just have to feel him peaceful by rubbing the body in a right manner.

  1. Move down to the shoulders

Gradually rub the body in a downward manner towards the neck and in between the shoulders. Dogs normally like this spot as it is one of the only positions that dogs cannot approach by themselves so you should spend maximum time there to make the dog pleased.

  1. Now do the legs and chest

Some of the dogs don’t let you touch on the legs so if your dog is doing the same then leave this step. Also, try a paw massage and if he likes then continue with it.

  1. Massage a dog’s back

The right way to massage a back is to make your way back between the shoulders and gradually go downward to the  back. Apply little circular movements on the both sides of the spines with the help of your fingers.

  1. End with back legs

Carry on massage unless you finish at the end of the tail. Slowly work on the back legs of the dog and go on to the paws to make your dog fully relaxed.

  1. Choose a peaceful time of a day

The spirit of your dog matters a lot that’s why, if he is not feeling well then don’t massage. It is necessary to massage during a time that is more appropriate and in which you and your dog feel more relaxed.

  1. Five to ten minutes massage

Initially, your dog might not like a massage so initially massage your dog for a minute, then increase the duration gradually for a longer massage. Generally, five to ten minutes are enough for any dog to make him mentally and physically healthy and calm.