Gear VR is more Social with Voice Chat and Virtual Living Rooms

Gear VR is more Social with Voice Chat and Virtual Living Rooms

Oculus does not want people to see virtual reality as a “lonely and game-focused” experience. The company has announced two new features that will enable Samsung Gear VR users to interact with each other. With this new feature, those who use Samsung’s virtual reality head will be fully able to connect with each other in the virtual environment.

These properties are called “Parties”. With Parties, a simple chat system, users can make voice calls over the phone while wearing the virtual reality headset. The second new feature, named “Rooms,” offers a whole new way of communicating with others in virtual reality.

For Rooms, the definition of “virtual living spaces” can be used. In these areas, activities such as spending time with friends, chatting and interacting with the objects in the environment can be carried out. Watching Facebook videos in front of a big television or sitting at the table and playing games are among the things that can be done in these rooms. Users who join a common room with friends can also experience multi-player Gear VR experiences in this room.

It will create a copy of the experience of being in the same physical area as Gear VR Rooms

Oculus is aiming to present the experience of being physically in the same environment with the friends of Rooms and in the context of virtual reality. Oculus also improves screen sharing, making it possible to share Facebook news sources with virtual reality.

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