Steps to Evaluate a Cleaning Budget

Steps to Evaluate a Cleaning Budget

The following explains the concepts you will have to handle in order to estimate a job without problems.

1) Hourly vs. Project Work

The first concept to manage is to know if you want to charge the jobs per hour or projects.Hourly Jobs: Flexibility for the client and for oneself. Adjusted prices that help get more projects.Works by project: Flat rate that allows you to know the monthly benefit and the cost that will mean for the client. We do not recommend it because normally if the work takes place in less time than expected the client may think that you are cheating.

2) How much does the cleaning hour cost?

If you finally choose the option of charging per hour (which is the one we recommend), now you have to choose how much your cleaning fee per hour is worth.An average cleaning service fee per hour is about 15 euros / hour without using machinery. This is because when we entered the crisis, companies stopped valuing both the quality of services to choose mostly budgets by price.

Why was this drop in prices so widespread?

Because the first thing you look at when you have to make cuts is cleaning, and that’s why the whole sector was forced to change the way they budget.


3) Assessment of services and work area

Once you have assessed all the expenses now what you have to do is evaluate the services that we are going to provide, the hours that are going to be dedicated to each one of them and if you can know how many hours the previous company dedicated to each service better than better.Be sure to write down everything you need to complete your work. Make a list and take it with you, your estimated work appointments and review all aspects of cleaning with a prospective client, be sure to write down all the details of the job.

Services to provide: Your checklist and your offer sheet should include all the services that any potential client can ask for. If you do not offer some service that you may often hire as a cleaning machine with which you do not have your own, it is also included in your checklist and later subcontract the service.Square meters and structure of the place: Important to measure the square meters of the place (you can ask for steps), as well as the type of floor to be cleaned, the number of bathrooms, patio areas and structure of the place.


4) Calculate a price on your Cleaning Offer

  • Taking into account all the factors mentioned above, determine the cost per hour that will take you to complete your work and add the concepts that are necessary to complete the budget.
  • Remember that to complete the offer you must evaluate:
  • Calculation of Budget Cleaning: [Cost of living + competition + expenses + (service * hours of work) + meters + special circumstances]


5) Submit your Cleaning offer sheet to your potential client

  • The next step after completing the cleaning offer is to present the budget to your client. This budget should include:
  • A breakdown of the services included in the offer
  • The cleaning frequency of each of the tasks
  • Price of services broken down and total

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